Rules & Reminders

poolWe are committed to your safety and enjoyable experience for the members and their guests.  We offer a family, smoke free, safe environment.  We ask that everyone follow the rules and comply to the guidelines.

**2017 Reminders Listing**

We continue to offer many of our amenities — some changes have been made to improve the pool.

We have added a new community Facebook page – be sure to ‘like’ us to stay up to date on weather related closures and/or events.

We’re continuing our Community days for the 3rd Friday of each month.

Reminder… that you have to be 16 years old or older to purchase an individual membership.

Reminder…we cannot pro-rate memberships – prices do not vary based on when you sign up.

Reminder….we cannot refund your membership because you didn’t use it.

Reminder….if you have a weekend or weekend family membership and wish to visit the pool Monday through Thursday that is not a holiday you may enter as a guest and pay the full guest fees per person.


You have to be a member of the pool with a current year’s membership.  Memberships include individual or family with full or weekend memberships.   Family memberships include members of your immediate family only. Grandparents, significant others, and/or babysitters cannot be included.  We are happy to have them as your guest or sign them up for a membership.  Babysitter passes and individual memberships are also available – please see our membership section.

Weekend members are permitted to use facilities Monday – Thursday and pay guest users fees.

Reminder…Lifeguards, managers, front desk or snack bar attendants on duty are not permitted to sign in non-members as their guests.  Member must be present when guests arrive.

Reminder…If you sponsor a party or sign in guests, they are responsible to read and follow park rules.

No child under the age of 13 shall be left at the pool unattended – for any reason.

Children 13 and older are permitted into the pool without the accompanyment of an adult / guardian.  Children the ages of 13 – 15 are not considered babysitters; therefore, they cannot act as such by bringing younger siblings, etc.

Children under the age of 13 shall be accompanied by a parent, adult, or babysitter (16 years or older).

Children over the age of 5 years of age are not permitted in the baby pool to swim.

Persons under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs shall not be permitted in the pool.

Persons having communicable diseases, open cuts, sores, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections, or wearing bandages can be refused admittance.

All guests have to abide by the Pool Rules, or the guest will be asked to leave the facility.

Pets are not permitted at Bouquet Park Pool at any time, other than an approved “Pet Event” as determined by Bouquet Park.

Personal Conduct and Swimming Pool MM900303468[1]

Running, rough play, standing, or sitting on another’s shoulders, pushing, dunking, wrestling, fighting and other rowdy acts are strictly prohibited.

Spitting, spouting, clearing of the nose or throat in the pool is prohibited.

Socializing with the Lifeguards or staff while on duty is prohibited.

No Profanity or intentional bodily injury to someone else.

You are responsible to put trash in receptacles, take your personal belongings home with you.  Unfortuatnely, we do not have lockers or space to store your items.

Lifeguard chairs, registration desk, refreshment/concession stand, and pump house are OFF LIMITS to all non-staff or non-board members.

Sitting on the railing around the diving well area and refreshment/concession stand is prohibited.

Holding onto the buoy line or ropes unnecessarily is prohibited.

Failure to comply with all verbal instructions from pool staff may be cause for expulsion from the facility.

All swimmers shall leave the pool when directed by the Pool Manager, or Lifeguards.

Deep water restrictions shall be based upon an individual’s swimming ability and will be established by the Pool Manager, or Lifeguards.

Only persons in swimming suits will be permitted in the pool. Cut-offs, or gym shorts shall not be permitted.

Swimming diapers shall be used for all children 4 years of age and under.

Food and/or drinks shall not be permitted on the pool deck.

All means of transportation must be parked in designated areas. This includes automobiles, bicycles, and motorcycles.

No rafts of any kind, large inner tubes, or boogie boards are permitted in pool.

Children using noodles, water wings, or life preserving swimwear must be accompanied into the pool with an adult and must remain in the shallow area.

No jumping onto noodles or tubes from the sides of the pool.

No noodles, tubes, diving sticks, rings, or coins are permitted to be thrown in the diving well.

No jumping backward, flips, or cartwheels shall be permitted from the sides of the pool deck.

If the pool is busy, lifeguards have the right to limit use of noodles, tubes, balls, and squirties.

During an Adult swim, all children under the age of 18 shall exit the pool area and the deck surface to the grassy areas.

Please dive only in the marked areas.    You must dive straight out.

Respect the property – please do not damage pool houses, picnic benches or chairs.

shades ice tea beach ballFood and Drink

Food and/or drinks shall not be permitted on the pool deck.

Place all garbage in trash receptacles.

Smoking is not permitted in the fenced in park area.

You are permitted the use of coolers, snacks and food deliveries.

SAFETY in Weather~!

When inclement weather rolls in – we’ve adopted some new rules.  “If you hear it, clear it!  for thunder!  “If you see if, flee it!”  for lightning! 

To keep everyone safe – When thunder is heard, the pool and adjacent concrete walk around the pool shall be cleared.  When lightning is seen, the pool and adjacent concrete walk around the pool shall be cleared.   These rules shall be enforced by the pool manager, life guards, and/or board members and apply when the pool is open for daily swimming, swim team practice, and all swim team events.   The clearing will conclude 30 minutes after the last weather event.