Memberships 2018

If you are new or work in the area or live in a neighboring community and are interested in joining the pool, please review our 2018 Membership Application and brochure below:

BOUQUET PARK POOL 2018 Membership Registration Form

Each year we require families, individuals and seniors to complete a new membership application. Some information has been added to the form for clarification purposes and benefit to our members. Please be aware that since our prices have not been increased, we will have to work twice as hard to bring in volunteers to help with opening of the pool, assist with fundraising and end of season closing.



Please note that if you are applying for family membership – this includes immediate family only.  Family Membership includes 2 adults and official dependents living in the same household (children who are under the full-time care of the adults in the household.) Adults, visiting grandchildren or children who do not live in the household will need to have separate memberships or sign in as guests. Additional adults who are living in the same household are required to purchase a babysitter pass in order to be placed on the membership. Family memberships include immediately family only.
You must be 13 years of age to purchase an individual membership.  Applications are reviewed by the Pool Board and checked for accuracy.

Reminder…we cannot pro-rate memberships – prices do not vary based on when you sign up.

Reminder….we cannot refund your membership because you didn’t use it.

2018 Membership Structure &

 Maintenance Fees

Family Membership

Please note that if you are applying for family membership – this includes immediate family only. Non-married partners or grand parents’ that are living in the same household are required to purchase a babysitter pass in order to be placed on their membership, unless they hold legal guardianship.

Paid  prior  to May 1, 2018         $325

Paid  after May 1, 2018               $350

Family memberships paid in full by May 1, 2018 will receive 5 free guest passes

 Babysitter Pass                          $35

Can only be combined with family &  weekend family memberships

Individual Membership   (13 years of age)

Paid prior to May 1, 2018                $175
Paid after May 1, 2018                     $200

 Weekend Memberships

Membership includes access to park Friday through Sunday & Holidays.  Guests fees apply if you would like to enter the park non-holiday Monday through Thursday.

Family                                                 $200

Individual                                           $150

 Senior Membership

(Age 62 years and older)
Individual Senior                               $100
Married Couple (both seniors)           $175


Members may accompany guests anytime for a fee.  You have to sign in your guests upon entry and exit of the park. They must follow park rules and fees are based according to age.

Guest Fees

Children 2 and under – FREE
3 years old to 61 — $5.00
62 years of age and up — $2.00
Fees also apply to Weekend family membership and Individual Weekend membership holders that wish to enter the park Monday thru Thursday. Community Days are the Third Friday of every month and the same fees apply. Guests passes are only accepted the summer they are issued. We cannot transfer previous year’s passes.


– Personal Checks — Made payable to Allegheny Valley Swimming Pool Association

–  Money orders

Visa or MasterCard are accepted for any type of membership, or guests passes, or fees.   If you would like to pay by credit card, please print and complete the link below.  PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THIS FORM!!  Once it’s complete, please mail it in along with your application.   Otherwise, payment can be accepted at the check-in anytime during regular card authorization form

Payment for Family Membership — 5 payments of $65 each beginning January 31, 2018 and ending May 31, 2018.

Family Memberships paid in full by May 1, 2018 receive 5 free guest passes.

Complete membership application, along with payment(s) and and forward to:

Allegheny Valley Swimming Pool Association

P.O Box 172 ~ Springdale, PA  15144