A letter from the President

Dear Members and friends of Bouquet Park Pool.

As in past years we will be raffling off two season tickets and parking pass for all the regular season home games. The tickets are $10.00 a piece.

The winning ticket will be determined by the drawing of the 3 digit daily number‐evening drawing, on August 18, 2017.
There is a possibility for the pool to realize $7000.00, if all the tickets are sold.

As I had said in the letter that we had sent out in the spring, the pool barely generates enough money to be financially viable.

Also, last winter, board members lent the pool $3000.00 to pay the bills and taxes.

We will incurring costs to either fix, or replace the pool heater. The heater was operating at the beginning of the season, but has since failed. We have just received pricing to fix the heater. The part alone is approximately $1000.00. The heater was discontinued in 1996. A new heater is approximately $2000.00. Regardless, at this time we cannot justify the expenditure to fix the heater.

As I had stated above, there is a possibility to generate $7000 if all the raffle tickets are sold.

Last year we only made $350.00 on the Steeler raffle.

It is up to membership to either buy or sell enough raffle tickets, not only to help pay the operating expenses, but to provide additional money to fix/replace the pool heater.
In other pool news we are looking for members to join the board of directors.

Specifically we are looking for people to assume the positions of President, and Treasurer. Both positions have been held by members for years and we wish to relinquish the positions.

Also, as stated in the letter this Spring, I will not be renewing the Certified Pool Operator, Certified Pesticide Applicator, and Certified Bath House Manager when the current certifications expire in 2019. Without a person, or persons, assuming these positions the pool cannot open.

Please contact any current board member to discuss these positions.

Thank you,
James Marsili
President ‐ Board of Directors Certified Pool Operator Certified Pesticide Applicator Certified Bath House Manager

JOIN US AUGUST 19th – LIVE Band @ Pool!!

Enjoy live music while swimming! Come join us on Saturday, August 19th for a benefit concert for Bouquet Park Pool. Up the River Band will be performing poolside for an all ages show. BYOB (no alcoholic beverages please) and bring your own food (snack bar will be closed).
$5/person (open to members and non members)
For questions email bouquetpark@gmail.com or call Janeane at 724-274-8920